101 in 1001

Als ich irgendwann Informationen zu Mori Kei gesammelt habe, bin ich über die 101 in 1001-challenge gestolpert. Viele der Punkte in einer Liste haben mir so sehr gefallen, dass ich beschlossen habe, selber eine Liste zu erstellen. Mein Rückzug ;) nach Wuppertal soll dann den Beginn der Challenge markieren. Am meisten hab ich von hier und hier geklaut^^ Deswegen ist meine Liste auch in Englisch^^

While I did some research on Mori Kei I stumbled upon the 101 in 1001-challenge. I liked the things from the first list I read so much, that I decided to start a challenge of my own. As soon as I move back to Wuppertal, the challenge starts. I stole most things from here and here.

  • Start: 01.09.2015
  • Ende: 29.05.2018
  1. Don't leave the house without a hat or headpiece for two weeks.
  2. Host a tea party.
  3. Go outside for one hour a day for at least one month.
  4. Sell something handmade.
  5. Grow a little herb garden on your window sill. No herbs, but veggie-plants.
  6. Wear a planned outfit at least twice a week for a month.
  7. Take a sketchbook to a public place and draw.
  8. Bake once a month for 3 months.
  9. Go ice skating.
  10. Go to a museum 8 times. (3/8)
  11. Go to the theatre 8 times. (2/8)
  12. Sightseeing in my own town.
  13. Crochet a shawl.
  14. Don't complain about anything for a week.
  15. Go on a picnic.
  16. Send 10 handwritten letters to family and friends. (1/10)
  17. Watch a Polish movie once a week for a month.
  18. Celebrate all eight neo-pagan festivals for one year.
  19. Go swimming 10 times. (4/10)
  20. Get my BA degree.
  21. Make hair accessories.
  22. Preserve food.
  23. Get a tattoo.
  24. Try a new asana every day for a month.
  25. Visit friends in other cities once a week for two months.
  26. Visit Sweden.
  27. Practice more poi spinning (4/8 - Windmill, Watermill, ???, umdrehen bei watermill)
  28. Make your bed every day for 3 months
  29. Visit Warszawa.
  30. Try 5 smoothie recipes.
  31. Build a Dark Mori Kei wardrobe (2/15 - 1 // 2)
  32. Doll home for Cerise and Bunny (2/8)
  33. Learn 5 new hair dos. (4/5: messy bun, fleur de lis bun, Spock bun, Spidermom's bun)
  34. Try 5 recipes for homemade cosmetics. (1/5: Deo, unfortunately a fail)
  35. Make a Dark Mori inspired portfolio.
  36. Visit Kraków.
  37. Take a pole dancing class.
  38. Watch all Harry Potter movies.
  39. Go to a nude beach.
  40. Read a book in Polish.
  41. Read two books in English. (1/2 - The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer)
  42. Make a custom recipe book -> for my friend Wechselbalg ^_^
  43. Make another cosplay.
  44. Plan an outfit with self-made items only and wear it.
  45. Bake a pie on Pi-Day.
  46. Make a cleaning schedule and stick to it.
  47. Go dairy-free for a month.
  48. Spend a nice day outside the house with Mama.
  49. Movie night with Mama.
  50. Babysit for a friend.
  51. Tie-dye!!
  52. At least 5 sewing dates. (2/5)
  53. Join 10 link parties. (5/10)
  54. Build a piece of furniture.
  55. Make a detox fast for one weekend.
  56. Go to 3 concerts. (1/3)
  57. Health check.
  58. 100 drawings. (5/100) (abandoned)
  59. Repair my old sewing machines.
  60. Wear high heels for a week.
  61. Donate to charity.
  62. Give money to a street musician. (5)
  63. Live off Foodsharing for a week.
  64. Sew 2 dream pieces.
  65. Have a technology-free weekend.
  66. Visit my sister.
  67. Visit my family in Poland.
  68. Watch the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. (6/6)
  69. Pyjama-party!
  70. Karaoke! at least once!
  71. Get 2 more piercings.
  72. Try traditional polish recipes. (5)
  73. Visit old school. (done: 22.09.15)
  74. Collect things for a home altar.
  75. Buy a book (manga doesnt count!) eBooks: The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer and The Asylum for Wayward Vitorian Girls by Emilie Autumn
  76. Print photos and fill the empty frames
  77. Make 5 memes with photos of my bunnies. (1/5)
  78. Improve photo skills (taking + editing)
  79. Reach mid-thigh length
  80. Organize 5 photo-shootings (3/5).
  81. Avoid candy for a week.
  82. Upcycle a piece of furniture.
  83. Join that song-challenge on instagram.
  84. Go through my remaining belongings in my parents' house.
  85. Finish at least 5 UFOs.
  86. Write mostly bilingual blogposts as long as the challenge lasts.
  87. Write that letter to Emilie Autumn already!
  88. Say thank you to at least 5 internet personalities.
  89. Focus on my dream -> collect information, business plan
  90. Princess Chaos!
  91. Illustrate EnnA's children's book ;)
  92. Go to a café on my own.
  93. Try 10 new veggies/fruits. (5/10)
  94. Buy a Lush product
  95. Get a Bunny Blanc doll.
  96. Comment on 5 blogs a week for a month.
  97. Learn to play the penny whistle.
  98. Buy new Doc Martens.
  99. Build something for my bunnies.
  100. Play a video game (Tetris doesn't count!).
  101. Write a new list...?^^

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